Wireless digital frames that can transfer photos directly from a computer or from an online photo sharing site directly to a digital frame are really powerful ways to connect! (Please note: "wireless" does not mean "battery powered")

Th evolution of digital frames from simple plug and play products, capable of displaying a good number of digital images in electronic slideshow fashion to frames that can connect wirelessly to other frames, computers and the Internet is actually the combination of technologies that already existed. These include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, as well as high resolution LCDs (Liquid Crystal Displays).

Those features, combined with the ease of content creation through digital photography, can give us the capability to share photos over the Internet to personal digital frames like never before. BUT...

BUYER BEWARE: Free Web-Based Content No Longer Available!

Free subscriptions to web-based content providers are no longer available. FrameChannel (run by Thinking Screen Media) and FrameIt (run by Microsoft's Windows Live) were the 2 free programs that owners of Internet-enabled digital frames depended on for up-to-date news, weather, and other Internet content from websites with RSS feeds.

    RSS Feeds

    RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and is very common in the world of news gathering. When you see this icon RSS on a particular website, you will know that you can access any public information and photos on your computer by subscribing to its RSS feed.

If you are thinking of purchasing a wireless digital frame for it's wireless capabilities, please make sure there is an alternate way for that frame to access the Internet for photo sharing sites and/or content that does not involve a separate web-based content provider such as a FrameChannel or a FrameIt.

Otherwise, you may be paying a premium for a frame that cannot actually access the Internet for photo-sharing sites or RSS content.

What CAN Be Accessed From the Internet to a Wireless Digital Frame?

Though wireless digital frames can no longer access free web-based content from RSS feeds, some can access certain photo-sharing sites and some even Facebook photos. Some, such as CEIVA, allow access to certain Internet information.

Additionally, many have the option to email photos from computers and certain cell phones.

Wireless Digital Frame Reviews

I have reviewed several of the top wireless digital frames. They are listed below. Just follow the links to the individual in-depth reviews.

My personal recommendations for wireless digital frames can be found at Wireless Digital Frames Reviews and Recommendations.

Not Yet for the Novice!

It is important to note that frames with more elaborate technology such as wireless, Bluetooth, web browsers, streaming internet radio and text news feeds, etc., will also undoubtedly have more complicated menu options. This may lead to confusion and frustration, especially for novice users.

On the other hand, they may be an excellent gift choice for the more sophisticated user!

Advanced features that include wireless photo and information sharing will require the setup of a wireless network and may involve a monthly fee. Wireless networking through dial-up may also be available for use.

In the next 2 pages of this section of the website, I will discuss various online photo sharing sites for wireless digital frames and offer wireless digital frame reviews and recommendations for those of you looking to connect wirelessly with your digital frames.

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