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Wireless Digital Frames

Below are listed in depth reviews of the major wireless digital frames available today.

Please note that some of these frames are not really capable of delivering photos and other Internet content. This has been explained in each of the reviews as well as the recommendations that follow.

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Wireless Digital Frames Recommendations

Please see the individual frames for in-depth reviews.

Of the above frames, I highly recommend the Pix-Star FotoConnect xd. It offers a number of ways to access a large number of online photo-sharing sites as well as being able to wirelessly access and transfer photos from computers on a home network to the frame. The service is offered free of charge through the company's website with unlimited photo storage also available. This frame makes an excellent choice as a gift for the non tech-savvy recipient.

The CEIVA PRO 80 would be my next choice. There is a limit to the number of photos that can be sent at a time. RSS feeds are available as "channels". These can be updated hourly. There are many options to send photos to the frame, including email. Photos can be customized and photo items are available for a fee. Photo storage online on the website is unlimited but there is a monthly charge for the entire service (between $8 and $10 per month). All functions of the frame can be accessed via the website making it a good option as a gift for the non tech-savvy.

The Kodak Pulse would be a higher choice if it wasn't that that Kodak has discontinued manufacturing digital frames. The Kodak Pulse was an excellent frame and available in both a 7" and a 10" size. It is unclear how much longer the Kodak Pulse website will be available for Pulse owners to access photo-sharing sites, including Facebook. Without the website, the Pulse would be just another plug and play digital frame without support from the manufacturer.

The Pandigital is essentially no longer a wireless frame since it requires the purchase of a wireless dongle from Pandigital, which is no longer being produced and is not available from any retailers. It is still able to transfer photos from bluetooth-enabled phones and computers and may be able to stream photos from a home network as well.

The MeeFrame is still very much available but the company has shut down and it, too, will have no support and no way to connect wirelessly to the Internet if the MeeFrame.com website also shuts down.

The Toshiba is an excellent frame on its own and should a web-based content provider once again become available, I would recommend it highly.

The iPad as a digital frame is possible but has the same downside as using a computer as a digital frame in that there is no digital frame option while the iPad is being used.

I was not impressed with the wireless capabilities of the InTouch and I also found it very difficult to navigate through the menus.

Have You had a Different Experience With Any of These Frames?

Since I can only recommend any of these frames based on my own personal experience, I welcome any information from visitors to this site who have had experiences that differ from mine. Please contact me and let me know what you think. I would appreciate your input.

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