TEXT and MESSAGING FILES for Digital Frames

.txt (Text) Files

There are many digital frames that can actually display text and messaging files in the .txt format as well as display photos.

I found this feature very useful in a digital keychain that I sent to my daughter one year. I was able to send her birthday greetings right on the frame along with the pictures. Much more impressive than even a photo birthday card!

Some frames with audio capabilities can even support lyrics for MP3 audio files!

Please see my review on this site of the Impecca DFM843 Digital Frame which has an eBook function and can read text files.

File Management

The text and messaging files capacity of higher quality (and also usually more expensive) digital photo frames give the user the ability to manage files on the frames. With these frames, it is possible to delete, rename and copy files between the cards and the internal memory (when there is one).

Some frames will come with software that may enable you to add captions to your photos or special effects such as masks or borders or changing the mode to black and white and/or sepia.

The above features can also be found on photo sharing sites, especially ones that require a subscription.

Examples of frames with file management features can be found on this site by clicking here: CEIVA Pro80 and CEIVAShare Reviews and Toshiba DMF-102XKU Review.

Please remember that even though a particular frame I have reviewed or recommended may no longer be available, any upgrades of these frames will be even a better buy and definitely worth checking into.

Amazon.com is one site that will provide other options if a frame, such as one with text and messaging files, is not available.

Immediate Direct Photo Emailing

This is done from a computer or a mobile phone to a digital frame that has text and messaging files capabilities. A built-in mail filter protects against unwanted photos.

The Pandigital Photo Mail Digital Frame is an example of a frame which has this functionality. The CEIVA PRO 80 and CEIVAShare digital frames are other examples as is the Kodak Pulse Digital Frame.

Smart Photo Play List

This is a very useful and clever feature which allows users to choose photos to be displayed on specified dates, such as displaying selected photos on a user's birthday or anniversary.

Text and messaging files can be included in the same way as photos for these selections.

Excellent examples of this type of frame is the CEIVA PRO 80 and the CEIVAShare digital frames.

Group Frames

These frames allow users to set up a singe email address that corresponds to multiple frames. This is so that photos can be easily shared and displayed as text and messaging files on those frames.

RSS Support

Frames with this text and messaging files feature will support all major RSS photo feeds including Flickr, Picasa, Photobucket, AOL Smugmug, iPhoto, Gallery, etc.

Newer digital frames are also able to display all types of RSS feeds, including news and internet information, directly onto their screens.


Sadly, on June 15, 2011, Thinking Screen Media announced that it would be shutting down its FrameChannel service with the following notice:

Due to challenges with the economy and our financial situation we will be shutting down the FrameChannel service.

We have provided a mechanism for you to download any of your photos that are hosted with us in the My Photos channel or that have been emailed to your device via the My Friends Photos feature. When you log in click the Download My Photos tab and follow the instructions there.

For those of you using your devices for commercial applications, you may wish to take a look at the SignChannel service. That service is owned an operated by Scala, Inc., a worldwide leader in digital signage. For more information, please visit www.signchannel.com or email info@signchannel.com

We thank you for your using the FrameChannel service.

Owners of Internet-enabled wireless digital frames who depended on FrameChannel need to find another service. For those planning to purchase an Internet-enabled wireless frame for downloading dynamic Internet content, photos from photo sharing sites such as Flickr, Picasa and Photobucket, etc., as well as photos from Facebook and Twitter directly to their frames will find only a few options.

  • CEIVA Digital Frames

    Owners of CEIVA frames have the option of downloading photos stored on the CEIVA website as well as from those stored on Picasa and Facebook. CEIVA also offers a number of content channels (similar to some of those on FrameChannel) but they are limited in number and only updated every 24 hours. There is a monthly fee for this service (approximately $7/month).

  • Kodak Pulse

    Kodak Pulse frame owners have the option of downloading photos directly from the Kodak Gallery as well from Facebook. The service is free but does not include any content from the Internet.

    NOTE: Please see the update on Kodak at Kodak Digital Frames on this website.

  • Life Go Round

    The answer may lie within the free service found at Life Go Round which aggregates online and offline photos from sites such as Photobucket, Picasa, Flickr, Walmart, etc. These photos can be posted directly to Facebook and Twitter as well.

    Of special interest to former FrameChannel users is the fact that this service also offers the ability to choose dynamic RSS feeds for Internet-enabled frames, either those offered currently by Life Go Round on compliant frames or by using the Public RSS Feed option for any RSS Internet feed you choose that you can create as an “Album” for use on any non-compliant wireless digital frame.

  • SignChannel

    SignChannel may be an option for those thinking of purchasing an Internet-enabled device. There is a monthly fee for this service (which is normally used for commercial digital signage and there are several certified players available for purchase on the site.

I invite you to contact me with any suggestions you might have for replacing the FrameChannel service. If you decide to use any of the options listed above, I would really appreciate your feedback so I may share the results with visitors to this site.

Too Much Information?

I hope that all of the above information about text and messaging files does not complicate matters for you when it comes to choosing digital frames.

Right now, my guess is that most of us just want to display photos and perhaps add some music or video in our own digital frames and perhaps those we give as gifts.

I am confident that when you see the amazing number of features that can be found in digital frames today, you will begin to find all kinds of uses for digital frames in your own life.

It is interesting to know what is out there in case you are in a situation that might call for something just a little extra special!

The majority of us are always looking for new, better and more efficient ways to accomplish our daily tasks. The text and messaging files of a digital frame can be the answer.

And, of course, as far as keeping in touch and connecting and sharing our lives with our loved ones, digital frames can play a very important and rewarding role in our lives.

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