Owners of wireless digital frames have access to a large number of online photo sharing sites. Sadly, since the closing of the 2 "go to" free web-based content providers, FrameIt and Framechannel, wireless digital frames are only able to access a limited amount of information from the Internet.

The list of online photo sharing sites is quite large. Some of them you may have heard of, such as Picasa, Flickr, Photobucket, Shutterfly, Snapfish, Smugmug, etc. The sites we will concentrate on are the ones that wireless digital frames may be able to access for photo sharing.


  • Flickr is a photo and video hosting service site acquired by Yahoo in 2005 from a Canadian-based company.
  • The free version restricts users to uploading 300mb of images (15MB per photo) and 2 videos per month and free users can only see a maximum of 200 of their most recent images.
  • Pro account users can upload as many images and videos they would like every month. They also receive ad-free browsing and have access to their account statistics.
  • Flickr has the right to delete a free account if it is inactive for 90 consecutive days and may delete a Pro account without warning.
  • Flickr is very popular online photo sharing site with bloggers who use it to host images they embed in their blogs and in social media sites.

The Kodak Gallery

  • Owners of Kodak wireless digital frames are able to upload photos to the Kodak Gallery and send them to any Kodak wireless frame. (The Kodak Pulse wireless frame uses the Kodak Pulse Website.)
  • Kodak bought Ofoto, an online photography service in 2001 and rebranded it as the Kodak EasyShare Gallery in 2005.
  • IMPORTANT: As of mid-2012, Kodak is no longer making digital photo frames but has stated that the Kodak Gallery and the Kodak Pulse website will remain indefinitely for Kodak wireless digital frame owners.
  • There is a downside to the Kodak Gallery...Although uploading photos is free, users must purchase a minimum amount (depending on the number of images stored) of prints or other photo products such as books, stickers, calendars, mugs, etc. within 90 days and then every 12 months thereafter or Kodak may delete the images in the user's account. Kodak wireless digital frames are not exempt from this policy.
  • As of March, 2012, Shutterfly will be acquiring the Kodak Gallery. What this means for Kodak wireless digital frame and Kodak Pulse owners remains to be seen.


  • Photobucket is an online photo sharing site that offers unlimited free storage at 1MB per photo and 10 minutes per video.
  • Photobucket is an image and video hosting, slideshow creation and photo sharing website.
  • In June 2011, Photobucket became the default online photo sharing platform for Twitter.

Picasa and Picasa Web Albums

  • Picasa is an organizing, editing and photo uploading site andPicasa WebAlbums is its complementary online photo sharing website, both owned by Google.
  • Users who have accounts at Google can store and share up to 1GB of large photos.
  • Unlimited storage of photos that are 2048x2048 pixels or smaller (for Google+ users) and 800x800 for everyone else is allowed.
  • Videos less than 15 minutes long don't count towards the limit.
  • Photos will be automatically resized after the 1GB limit is reached.
  • Users can buy units of 20GB for a fee.


  • Shutterfly allows unlimited storage of images at no cost.
  • Shutterfly claims that it does not delete photos. However, since they have deleted photos of customers in the past when making acquisitions, it's possible acquisition of the Kodak Gallery sometime in 2012 may be cause for Kodak frame owners' concern.
  • All uploaded photos are kept at their full resolution but only downscaled photos are accessible for members (full resolution photos can be downloaded to a purchased cd).
  • Shutterfly's Photo Book line is its most popular product, along with cards and stationary.
  • Shutterfly launched the Shutterfly Gallery in 2008, which allows the Shutterfly online photo sharing community to share and connect with one another by sharing their photo books online and eliciting comments.


  • SmugMug is a paid digital photo sharing website offering 3 levels of membership and has been in operation since 2002.
  • SmugMug seeks to attract professional photographers by allowing them to add custom watermarks to their photos and to sell prints and digital downloads of their photos through the SmugMug interface.


  • Quickstork is another free online photo sharing service with expanded capabilities that allows photos from any favorite photo sources to be sent to any Wi-Fi digital photo frames, blogs and desktops as well as to friends and family.
  • Quickstork promises to instantly update photos on digital photo frames, blogs, virtual frames and TVs. Photos can also be sent from desktops and cell phones.
  • It is necessary to locate the MAC (Media Access Control) address of your individual frame in order for this service to work. This can be found in the frame packaging or in it's menus.


  • FrameAlbum is a service that is currently in beta testing.
  • The owner is looking to have his service be a viable replacement for FrameChannel.
  • Photo sharing will come first and then there may be the possibility of Internet RSS feeds similar to what FrameChannel offered in the past.
  • This is a very exciting project. Please check back with me and I will update you on this one.

There are many other photo sharing sites on the Internet. The ones mentioned above are ones that may be able to be accessed by certain wireless digital photo frames.

In the next part of this section, I will suggest a number of wireless digital frames that I recommend purchasing.

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