miBook LLC and the
miBook Digital Photo Player

Location of Company

miBook is a division of Photoco, Inc. and is located in Solon, Ohio.

Company Goal

The company that produces this product, (pronounced ‘my book’), states that “its directors pride themselves on creating innovative products that enhance lives.”

The Original Player

The precursor to the current player, the Photoco 7XL 7” Digital Photo Album and Frame posed quite a few problems for consumers. The most serious complaints were related to the inferior quality of the construction, the poor battery operation and the lack of customer support.

The Current miBook Player

With the current player, these problems seem to have been addressed and resolved. Although there is still a bit to be desired (though results are adequate) as far as picture, sound and graphics quality, this innovative product definitely offers many benefits for a reasonable outlay of dollars.

The miBook will read any SD card and other camera memory cards such as Memory Stick, Multi-Media-Card and xD Picture Card. Surprisingly, it will also read DivX movies as well as MPEG I II, 4 and AVI and audio formats such as MP3.

The player comes with a rechargeable battery, making it completely portable. The manufacturer promises two hours of battery performance before recharging is necessary. Unfortunately, the player is not wireless and does not have any internal memory to store pictures or content.

miBook SD cards

This product works best when using SD (Secure Digital) cards produced by the company which contain content from various TV network shows and experts in several different genres. These include cooking, home decorating, gardening and repair, pregnancy and parenting and travel. These cards can be purchased separately and some of them come bundled with the player in “Master Packs.”

The SD cards for the this player currently sell for around $19.99 each and can be found discounted at retailers such as Amazon.com. Even at full price, there is quite a large amount of information contained in these little cards.

The Cookbook

With the miBook player, a cookbook just comes alive, exploding with video clips, images and sounds, not just words. After navigating through the menu and selecting what to cook and how to cook it (bake, broil, etc.), the player will suggest recipes based on how much time is available.

Once a recipe is selected, a video clip will present instructions for the first task. The player automatically stops after each instructional step to give the user time to complete the task that was just viewed. To get to the next step, it is only necessary to push the forward arrow.

The recipes come from some of the favorite Food Network shows, including Rachel Ray’s 30-Minute Meals and Robin Miller’s Quick Fix Meals, as well as from Wolfgang Puck, the Ace of Cakes, Food 911 and Food Nation with Bobby Flay.

Cooking Titles:

    Amazing Party Foods from Sweet Dreams, Chocolate with Jacque Torres and Ace of Cakes.
    Healthy Cooking Recipes from such shows as Healthy Appetite with Ellie Krieger & Quick Fix Meals with Robin Miller.
    Healthy Cooking for Kids with fun recipes for kids to cook.
    Pastas, Pizzas & Salads from such shows as Everyday Italian & Barefoot Contessa.
    Quick & Easy Meals for when time is short.
    Irresistible Desserts From children’s birthday parties to sophisticated dinners, recipes from such favorite shows as Sweet Dreams, Chocolate with Jacques Torres & Ace of Cakes.

Please see my in-depth review of the miBook Digital Player-Cookbook on this website.

Other SD Card Titles

Besides its cookbook titles, miBook continues to build functionality with expanding titles and also offers the following cards for the player from experts at HGTV and the DIY Network, such as Design On a Dime, Mission Organization, First Time Gardener and Talking Dirty with the Queen of Clean:

    HOME: Titles include Home Decorating, Home Gardening and Paint, Wallpaper & More.
    BUILD & REPAIR: Titles include Home Projects, Home Repairs, Simple Home Organizing and Outdoor Living Projects (such as decks).
    PARENTING: includes interviews and advice from OB/GYNs, pediatricians , nutritionists, parents and kids. Titles include Your Pregnancy, Baby's First Year, Your Toddler and Games & Activities for Babies and Toddlers.