The amazing technological advances of our time continue to present us with more and more ways to capture and record the precious moments of our lives. Because it has become so easy, we take hundreds upon hundreds of photos using many different devices. More often than not, these photos end up residing, sometimes permanently, in those devices. This is something that would not have been possible only a short time ago.

    So...where do YOU keep your treasured photos?
    • On your camera’s memory card or on your cell phone?
    • In your computer’s memory or on a photo sharing site?
    • In photo albums or boxes?
    • On the walls or on the fridge?
    • All of the Above?

    Have you ever wanted to get all those photos together in one place, relive those memories or share those photos with family and friends?

    Then here is something that may surprise you…

    • Digital frames are the simplest and most efficient way to view and share photos from any source.

    • Digital frames connect people on all levels.

    But wait… does something that involves taking the time to learn a new technology make you feel a bit uncomfortable? The truth is, YOU are not alone! We are all being bombarded by a technology that is constantly changing and evolving. We cannot be expected to embrace it all.

    If you do feel you are somewhat technologically-challenged, you do not need to make excuses for yourself! Sometimes, we just want to get things done in the simplest and most efficient way possible and get on with the rest of our lives!'s an important fact…

    Digital frames are not “rocket science”!

    99% of all digital frames simply require you to insert a memory card from your camera (or a flashdrive loaded with photos) to begin a spectacular slideshow. (The other 1% requires that you push a button on a remote before a slideshow will start.)

    And that is all there is to it!

    Yes. You can:

    • change how the slideshow displays and choose the intervals between photos.
    • tell certain frames to turn on and off at specific times or on specific days.
    • send pictures directly to some frames from a website, cell phone, email account, etc.
    • delete and edit photos. don’t need to do any of that!

    Simply pick a color and type of frame that fits your needs and just enjoy and share that slideshow. When you have the time and the desire, then you can explore the other possibilities that lie within the software of your frame.

    Connect with your family and friends just as I have...

    As a mother whose eight children and three grandchildren are scattered all over the states, I searched for a long time for the best way to keep in touch regularly.

    For me, photos are the very best way to share, especially when there is an important occasion to record.

    How I got started...

    At Christmas, before she was two years old, I gave my granddaughter a small digital photo cube I had loaded with pictures of our family.

    digital cube

    She was easily able to operate this very simple object and in a short time, she could match the pictures to the names of all of her extended family. She took it with her everywhere she went--even to bed!

    baby with digital cube

    This one little item literally changed my life and it inspired me to share this wonderful gift with as many people as possible. Digital Frames Connect People! on the web was born!

    It's a wonderful way to connect with family and friends.

    I have done the research for you. My intention is to help you to use the information found here to make an informed decision before you purchase a digital frame for yourself or as a gift.

    Here you will learn what they are all about--- how to choose one, what types of photos, music and or videos they can display, ways you can use them in your personal and professional lives, information on frame manufacturers, reviews on representative frames and much more.

    So Come with me now…Learn all you need to know…Explore the versatility of these amazing electronic products and what they can do for you!...

    I promise to show you the very best way to connect with the people in your life through photos.

    And, rest assured… your friends and family will be amazed at your ability to engage and conquer this “new” technology!!

    I suggest you start with Digital Frames 101 for a quick overview. Then on to a brief history of the digital frame. Next check out the digital frame concept explained. Then I invite you to find out why I love them so much here!

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