Digital Frames 101

Digital Frames 101 is intended to give a brief overview of the digital frame industry from its beginnings to today. In this section of the website, I offer a brief history, the concept behind the digital frame and an explanation of why I love them or what I like to refer to as "digital frame mania!"

Digital Frames- a Slow Start

It was not very long ago that digital cameras and many of the other electronic wonders we take for granted and use every day were just beginning to appear or did not exist at all. Not everyone had a computer either. "Memory card", "jpeg", "flashdrive" and other related terms were not in common use. The digital frame, a product that should have been considered a logical compliment to the digital camera, was instead considered an oddity. Many consumers who bought them or were given one as a gift ended up not even using them. There seemed to be a common fear that this was another "new technology" that might require more of a learning curve than many were willing to invest their time in.

The First Digital Frames-Too Many and Too Many Problems

When digital frames first started to appear in the marketplace, the sheer number and types of these products made choosing one an intimidating venture. To make matters worse, the early frames often came with sparsely documented instruction manuals or no manuals at all. They could be quite disappointing as well, since many of their features did not measure up well to the promises made by their manufacturers. Poor image display quality, difficult set up procedures, and software glitches were not uncommon.

Digital Frames-My Personal Experience

When I first came across digital frames, I, too, was confused and felt a bit technologically-challenged. But I had an idea that they could serve as a catalyst in many ways to help to connect and reconnect people through the marvel of digital photos. That was when I decided to find out everything I could about them. It didn't take too long for me to realize that I wanted to take that information and present it in a form that would help others to see the positive effect that digital frames can have in people's lives. As I studied them and tried out different models, I also made the discovery that they were all quite simple and similar in nature and not the technological nightmare I had once suspected.

Digital Frames-My Passion!

As a result of my research, digital frames have become my passion. The ones I have purchased for our family give us pleasure everyday. The numbers of people who have contacted me via my website further confirm the joy these simple objects can give to young and old alike. This is especially true now when family members and friends can be spread all over the world. With a digital frame, no one needs to be left out of the happenings in their friends' and loved ones' lives. My intention is to provide help to anyone interested in choosing and using digital frames to connect family and friends or just to enjoy and relive their own lives in a continuous display of treasured photos.

Digital Frame Industry Changes-Negative or Positive?

The digital frame industry has been going through many changes, especially recently. The larger electronic manufactures such as Kodak, Sony and Toshiba have all either limited the production of these products or ceased producing them entirely. Though this may at first seem to have a negative impact on the industry as a whole, it actually will allow smaller companies, such as Viewsonic, Pandigital, miBook, CEIVA, Spheris Digital (Pix-Star), etc. to concentrate their efforts on making higher quality products without having to worry about the competition from the larger manufacturers.

I invite you to use the information here to make an informed decision before you purchase…

A digital picture frame, because it is so dynamic, can become the focal point of any room. When choosing a particular frame, you will want to make sure the one you choose will fit in well with its surroundings. If purchasing from a local store, you might want to bring a loaded memory card from your camera to try on the frame in the store. This way you can check for the desired image quality or any other features you may decide on. Always keep your receipt, whether from a brick and mortar store or online purchase so that you can try the product out for a few days to make sure it is a right fit for you.

Come Discover Digital Frames and What They Can Do for You!

I feel confident that I can pass good and useful information on to the visitors of this site. I am happy to share my knowledge with all of you! If you have a digital frame and don't know how to use it or if you have any questions or comments, please send them to me.

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I hope you have found Digital Frames 101 has been helpful. I wish you an enjoyable journey!

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