The digital frame concept is easily explained...

With these products, anyone can share photos and memories with anyone else (or just for personal enjoyment). No computer is required to fully enjoy a digital frame display!

Take all the pictures from your vacation, a wedding, a party, the children, the grandchildren, the new puppy, etc. and put them all into one individual frame!

This one frame will hold your pictures for viewing at any time...either one picture or a moving slideshow of many pictures.

For gifting purposes, especially for those who are not technically savvy, the photos can be loaded onto an inexpensive memory card and that card put into a slot on the frame. Then send the loaded frame to a loved one as a special gift.

The number of photos is only limited by the size of the card!

With new photos, use a new card to mail to your loved one who can mail the old one back to you to be used again.

There is something very special about giving or receiving a digital frame...

Eyes light up, smiles appear, even hearty laughs fill the room!

It can be a warm, happy and loving experience for everyone concerned. (It may also be a relatively new experience!)

Digital Frames of Yesterday

Until recently, digital frames did not produce the results that the consumer expected or the manufacturer promised...

The manuals lacked good documentation and too often they were not even included with the purchase!

Additionally, many of the features were difficult to use and were not always reliable. The picture quality was usually poor to fair and the frames were quite expensive.

It was hard to believe this product was designed to literally replace the professionally cut, matted, and framed photo!

Digital Frames Today

As the technology continues to advance, these frames have fast become easy to use, are much more attractive, and include a growing selection of excellent quality and reliable features.

There is now a wide range of frames that really do rival a framed photo!


Ah...But all this diversification can lead to a great deal of confusion, even frustration, during the process of choosing a digital picture frame to purchase.

I Can Help!

I believe in the beauty of the Digital Frame Concept! And I believe I can make the process of choosing one much easier and an enjoyable one as well.

After digesting the information contained on the pages of this website, consumers should be more than ready to make an informed decision about which digital frame is the best for each situation.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any remaining questions or would like to send me any comments.

The digital frame concept has had many years now to root itself into our lives. Digital frames manufacturers have had to meet the demands of the consumer with respect to the features and appearance of their frames.

Some have decided to discontinue making them while others have chosen to improve the ones they currently manufacture. Most are now more reasonably priced than they were at the beginning.

It should be noted that the price of a digital frame is still just a fraction of what it would cost to print out digital images currently stored on most people's computers, CDs, flash drives, etc. And digital images far surpass the image quality of the printed photo and will last immeasurably longer.

I should also mention the physical space required for album storage of 1000s of photos vs. storage of thousands of photos on just one digital frame!

So, no more printing waste, all your latest pictures always in view. There is no need to change out a frame! Those photos that have not seen the light of day for many years can now be displayed again.

And Why Did You Take Those Pictures Anyway?

Because you wanted to remember those important moments in your life and those of your loved ones, of course!

Therefore, the digital photo frame, once a rather curious technological development, has now become a very cost effective, as well as an enjoyable way of displaying and sharing photos.

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And There You Have It-The Digital Frame Concept!

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