Commercial Uses for Digital Frames

Don't Have an Idea of What Commercial Uses Digital Frames Could Have in Your Business?

If you are busy running a business, you may not have yet discovered commercial uses for digital frames.


This is a fairly new use for the digital frame that is just beginning to emerge. Business owners and managers may not yet realize they have a missed opportunity for marketing in the digital frame.

Digital frames can be a very effective way of scheduling daily information sharing for you and your employees. They may eventually become more flexible versions of traditional static display devices in businesses everywhere.

On this page you will find some examples of commercial uses for digital frames. The field is really wide open.

I hope this information will motivate you to really think "outside the box" to develop your own ideas for making use of these innovative electronic products.


Digital frames to be used to track energy consumption for utility customers!

Ceiva, has developed an exciting and very special new use for digital frames. Since 2011, 70 customers of the Glendale Water & Power Utility have taken part in a pilot program using specially configured wireless digital frames from Ceiva. These frames not only can display personal pictures, but can connect with energy data from GWP to determine energy use and utility costs in near real-time mode. For example, turning a light switch on will trigger a display on the frame showing the extra cost of the energy consumed by that action.

From the positive feedback the project has received, the utility expects to expand the pilot project for one year to include 500 testers. Thus, any potential problems can be detected before they offer the frames to any interested customers.

For the project expansion, Ceiva will be adding a number of advanced features as well. One of these will allow testers to adjust their thermostat directly from their mobile phones. Ceiva, located in Burbank, California, has been manufacturing high quality digital frames since 2000.

According to an article in the Burbank Leader, Craig Kuennen, business transformation and marketing administrator of the Glendale Water & Power Commission, a number of other utilities, both in the US and abroad have inquired about the project. The number to call for more information about the pilot program is 808-548-3300.

To Display Media

Digital frames can be used in so many different business environments for commercial purposes.

Offices, department stores, schools, hospitals, banks, buses, etc. can all make use of digital frames for reaching out to their customers in order to provide valuable information in a unique way.

PowerPoint is a useful tool to produce powerful slides to display as a slideshow. Just make sure to save each slide as a Jpeg file. Then adjust the interval setting for the slideshow or manually browse files with the remote control.

Display Items for Sale, Discounts, etc.

A digital frame can be placed at the entrance to an office or store presenting items for sale, special sales discounts or new products.

Introduce Members of the Sales Team

Any sales-oriented business such as a car dealership can provide instant rapport with prospective customers by introducing the members of the sales team with their photos displayed on a digital frame.

Of course, the digital frame is another form of the 'Silent Sales Person,' to inform customers of the benefits and pricing of specific vehicles.

In Real Estate Offices

Real estate agents can display photos of their current listings. This information is more than likely available on the Internet but in the office itself, why tie up a computer?

Use digital frames instead! They are less expensive to run, take up less space and there is no need to hook up to a computer. Another use for the Silent Salesman idea!

Travel Agencies

The same principle can apply to a travel agency. A photo display of images from selected vacation destinations, hotel offerings, etc. could help to win a customer's approval and help to sell a vacation package.

In Restaurants or for Caterers

Commercial uses for digital frames in this category are priceless. What better way to display mouth-watering meals or desserts than with a dynamic digital display!

In Any Business That Can Benefit from "BEFORE and AFTER" Pictures

The commercial uses of digital frames for businesses such as rug and wood restoration, vehicle repair, even hairdressing salons can include "before and after" shots of restored antiques or cleaned and repaired oriental rugs or whatever service they offer. When it comes to displaying smiles, the Orthodontist Office could make very good use of a slideshow of "BEFORE and AFTER" pictures!

Display of Services Provided

At the front desk of a service business, the array of services offered can be displayed in a pleasing photo slideshow with music and text added.

This would be an excellent way to help keep a client or customer occupied while waiting their turn to be helped.

Medical Waiting Rooms

The waiting room in a doctor's or dentist's office could offer the latest information on current flu outbreaks or warnings about drug interactions.

At the specialist's office, the latest treatments available for specific diseases could be displayed.

For General Marketing

Many businesses may now have existing video stored on bookshelves or on hard drives. These may only need to be digitized or have their formats converted in order to use a digital photo frame for the purpose of marketing.

Promotional Gifts

An excellent commercial use for the digital frame can include the very inexpensive and yet impressive digital photo keychain.

Used for storing products in inventory, it can be given to clients and prospective clients as a valuable marketing instrument, as well as an attention-getting promotional gift.

Satisfied Customer Gallery

This is a great idea that can be used by anyone doing business with the public.

I can't think of a better way to recommend your business than a slideshow of happy, smiling, satisfied customers!

As a Training Tool

Commercial uses of the digital frame should also include its potential as a very effective training tool. In the past, a business may have used a VCR or a CD or DVD player attached to a large television for the purpose of teaching skills visually to employees.

Compared to the above items, digital frames would be a definite hit with a manager on a strict budget! They are much less expensive, take up much less space and are much more of a personal learning tool.

A particular skill can be broken down into step-by-step detail and displayed on a frame which could also be manipulated by the user. This could benefit all types of learners, especially those who prefer visual or hands-on instruction.

Everyone can learn at their own pace with little intervention necessary from the busy manager.

The Future of Digital Signage for Small Businesses

The question of how to get pertinent information to the greatest number of people has propelled digital signage to the forefront of the commercial digital industry.

Government and large businesses already make use of digital signage. You can find large screens of information in airports, at large retail operations and in hotels and movie theaters.

Now the race is on to produce digital signage that is more affordable for smaller businesses with software interfaces that produce high quality signage even if a creative, designer staff is not available.

Accurate, up-to-date information can be supplied to a screen, all from a company's intranet. How productive would it be to get pertinent information in front of the largest number of employees and not have to first swim through a sea of emails or interrupt work for morning staff meetings?

The implications for emergency notification, workforce motivation and all types of communication possibilities are huge.

Scheduling of conference rooms can easily be done with the use of digital frames. Pertinent announcements or information for employees can be displayed in breakrooms and lunch rooms.

In addition, when you consider the multi-media capabilities of digital signage, which can include video, photos and all manner of updated RSS feeds from the Internet, such as headlines and weather reports, the list of potential uses grows exponentially.

The future of digital signage for small business is very bright indeed!

Motivated Yet?

On this page, I have mentioned some possible commercial uses for digital frames. These are truly only limited to one's imagination!

My hope is that I have motivated you to begin to see the advantages of utilizing digital frames in your business.

Information to customers and clients needs a fresh approach to marketing. Information presented dynamically on digital frames will definitely catch their attention and keep them involved!

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