Where Do I Find the Info I Need to Know Which Digital Frame to Choose?

Help in choosing digital frames for your particular needs can be very time consuming. Although there is a wealth of information available, rarely could it be found all in one place until now-on this website.

The pages in this section of the website...styles of digital frames, display options, quality of image displays, connectivity methods for transferring images, picture functions and advanced features...should answer most questions about the process involved in choosing just the right digital frame for each situation!

Please also check the page regarding safety when using these products.

Ask the Right Questions!

To make the right choice, ask the right questions. (This should be the case when deciding to purchase any piece of electronic equipment.)

Examples of the right questions to ask would include the following:

  • How and where will the product be used?
  • What features would you prefer, based on affordability and availability?
  • What is the technical skill level of the end user?

Choosing Digital Frames can be very Challenging

You can find digital frames (also known as digital photo frames and digital picture frames, electronic frames, etc.) in so many varieties and in a seemingly endless array of sizes, colors, types and customizable features. This can be very confusing for the novice or someone not tech-savvy.

They range from frames that just display pictures, to ones that play music and video as well. Also available are some that have wireless connectivity and some with their own built-in photo printers and built-in scanners!

So, Why Even Bother Choosing Digital Frames?

A digital frame gives you so many more options than a traditional frame or even a computer slideshow of your pictures.Yet it is estimated that at least 40% of all digital photo frame owners may never even use their digital frames! Why is this?

The answer is probably the reason why you came to this site. The technology for the digital frame is really still young. Manufacturers promise so much but often do not deliver on those promises.

A feature or function may work perfectly well on one frame but not on another. Or perhaps the feature or function you desire is not available on a frame that you can afford.

If you are not technologically-savvy, you may feel that a digital frame poses more problems than you need. If you are like so many others, just pulling together all your digital photos into one place, organizing them and then transferring them to the frame may seem overwhelming.

If your knowledge of PCs, memory cards, digital cameras or Wi-Fi is limited, you may feel you should opt out of a digital frame purchase.

I Can Help You!

I hope that this is where I can help you! Choosing digital frames is not unlike choosing other useful technological gadgets, such as MP3 players or cell phones. But if you don't understand a digital frame's capabilities, it may just end up taking up physical space.

And a digital frame usually commands physical space in more high-profile areas, such as on your living room wall or on your desk, etc. If you are giving one as a gift, you certainly want your friend or relative to be able to begin using and enjoying it as quickly and as easily as possible.

Knowledge of Specific Features Helps!

Knowing that your digital frame has a clock or a calendar feature may give it more functionality at times when a photo slideshow may not be the best solution.

It is also useful to know that a digital frame, like a traditional frame, can display just one photo (as well as a slideshow of many photos). But the photo displayed on a digital frame can be more dynamic and interesting than a traditional photo.

A number of frames have the ability to transition between a clock or a calendar and 1 or more photos as well.

Choosing Digital Frames for On-Demand Information!

With the advent of wireless digital frames, you can now have the opportunity for on-demand information for any room in your home or office. For stock quotes, weather, the latest news, etc., you no longer need to run to the computer.

You can have this information fed to your Wi-Fi enhanced digital frame. This information can be refreshed automatically with the relevant information you choose to see. All you need is to know how to do it! Right?! Don't worry, I can help you. Please be aware that not all "wireless" digital frames may be able to connect to the Internet. See for more information on this.

Sad, But True!

So there you have it. It's sad, but true. Those of us who fill our camera's memory cards with photos of every event imaginable tend to leave those hundreds or thousands of photos stored somewhere on our computers.

A very small minority of special photos might make it to the wall or desktop, but for the most part, they remain in storage.

But now we have the digital photo frame which is capable of holding thousands of pictures and displaying one or more at a time in an interesting and eye-catching way!

Choosing Digital Frames - Problem Solved?

Not really. The wide variety of styles, types, options, sizes, colors, etc. of digital frames, seems designed to intimidate us more than anything else when it comes to choosing digital frames. Combine this with questions of camera card compatibility, image quality, screen resolution, ease of use and the choices can be mind-bending.

So, Just How Do We Go About Choosing Digital Frames?

Should I get a small one, a large one, an inexpensive one, an expensive one? Do I want the frame to be able to play music, be my newest alarm clock, and even play videos? The answer, I believe, can be found on this website.

Choosing Digital Frames - My Goal

My goal in making this website available is to present the facts, introduce the wide variety of different ways these products can be used, and make some suggestions for where and when to buy them.

It is my wish that you will be able to take the information contained here and make the most informed choice each time you want to make a purchase.

Still have Questions?

If you cannot find the answer here, please feel free to contact me. If I don't have the answer, I will find it for you as quickly as possible.

My Blog

Since this industry continues to expand and improve, I also extend to you an invitation to subscribe to my Blog. so I may keep you updated on the latest information and any special offers from manufacturers.

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